Ace of Pentacles:

Foundational, this Ace is a bedrock of stability, preparation, concentration and solidity.

Reversed: Fluid, shifting, instable and unpredictable, a basis of nothing on nothing.

Ace of Pentacles: $600


Two of Pentacles:

A time of balance and equilibrium, but perhaps with not much security or safety - feel your wings and fly - trust yourself.

Reversed: Reckless flying leads to failure, both personal and financial doom and gloom.

Two of Pentacles: $600


Three of Pentacles:

Performance beyond equilibrium - to achievement, growth, expansion - beware the green eyes of others, tread carefully.

Reversed: Stunted growth, perhaps through fear and lack of self confidence or self belief.

Three of Pentacles: $600

Four of Pentacles:

One type of security and wealth is financial - this card heralds good strong financial stability and gain.

Reversed: Another type of security and wealth is personal - and reversed this card implies a dearth of this fortune, small minded crying at the sky and pulling at hair.

Four of Pentacles: $600


Five of Pentacles:

In-between the two aspects of the Four of Pentacles is the transit between them, and the Five of Pentacles is this: loss of achievement, security, stability and confidence to the absence of these things and the misery it can bring.

Reversed: Further misfortune could be avoided, but it requires changes of attitude, perhaps humility to ask for help.

Five of Pentacles: $600


Six of Pentacles:

Achievement and progress on the shoulders of others - use their support wisely, it's a double failure if you mess things up.

Reversed: Money bleeding out like life blood, achieving nothing on its way out and leaving nothing behind except disappointments and ruined hopes.

Six of Pentacles: $600


Seven of Pentacles:

Progress can be relative - and often it appears to be very very slow - persevere - progress is progress we just cannot see it all at times.

Reversed: Lack of perseverance brings useless spinning of wheels and circular patterns which benefit no-one.

Seven of Pentacles: $600



Eight of Pentacles:

Progress combined with achievement brings results and rewards, attainment and achievement, managing it all takes a certain degree of wisdom.

Reversed: Failure of patience, destabilising everything and all possible future.

Eight of Pentacles: $600


Nine of Pentacles:

Enjoyment of all that has been achieved and acquired - a time and place where work and striving is rewarded.

Reversed: A cold and bereft place where there is nothing of pleasure or reliability, where all is gossamer and intangible.

Nine of Pentacles: $600



Ten of Pentacles:

Adding to the Nine of Pentacles, the Ten of Pentacles adds recognition and notoriety to the already resplendent enjoyment of rewards - family status may be elevated, awards may be made.

Reversed: Instead of success one can also have conflict and infighting, family at war, and pain and injustice delivered by those who cold have been your best allies.

Ten of Pentacles: $600


Page of Pentacles:

This Page is a trustworthy, sturdy and practical. A younger person he has good prospects but perhaps little else. This is a no frills Card of earnest attempt.

Reversed: An inward looking person going no where and taking others around him down as well.

Page of Pentacles: $600

Knight of Pentacles:

A dedicated person, the Knight is strong, sturdy and reliable in a very basic way, upfront and honest.

Reversed: Tediousness, introversion, failure to launch.

Knight of Pentacles: $600



Queen of Pentacles:

This Card suggests strength of character, mind and faculties, the ability to manage, cope and function under stress and duress.

Reversed: Coping with nothing, this Card clings to itself tightly, meanly and jealously, trusting nothing or no-one.

Queen of Pentacles: $600


King of Pentacles:

The wisest of leaders, calm, stable, thoughtful and forward planning, a nexus.

Reversed: An all rounded failure, grasping at quick fix straws and achieving nothing.

King of Pentacles: $600