Ace of Cups:

The beginning of amour, inspired creativity that is fed by good times and productivity. Artistic success, a love affair, marriage, promising or birth. All heart matters will do well and flourish.

Reversed: Bitterness, depletion, hopelessness, loss of love or faith, fracture within a relationship. A bond of love might be nearing its demise. Stress with emotions and unrealistic expectations.

Ace of Cups: $600


Two of Cups:

Love and accord twixt two people, pleasant emotional satisfaction in relationships. Could it be, that opposites do attract? We can see  concerted respect and love in this bond. Friendship permeates through all.

Reversed: Parting, breaking of the bond, unfaithfulness, betrayal and shattered hopes.

Two of Cups: $600


Three of Cups:

Coming together in happiness and joy. Such gatherings leading to flirting, love, relationships, and pregnancy, birth...

Reversed: Too much heat, too many partners, triangles and traps, loss of harmony.

Three of Cups: $600


Four of Cups:

After a bond stabilises, what more? often, mundane taking for granted, or loss of respect? Maintaining the core bright is a task we should all undertake, forging the bond over and over on the anvil of our creativity.

Reversed: Sedation, stagnancy, loss of hope and brightness, and a retreat into vices to compensate for a lost Eden.

Four of Cups: $600


Five of Cups:

Failure of a bond, and the hurt, regret and bad thoughts that come with it. Like a phoenix from the ashes - this card urges upward and outward energy, it is what it is, whatever.

Reversed: Wallowing in the failure, capture in misery and sorrow and no energy to move out of it.

Five of Cups: $600


Six of Cups:

History comes knocking, perhaps an old friend or ally - sometimes answers to current issues and secreted within our pasts.

Reversed: Obsessive fascination with the past, rooting ourselves backwards facing, and so, blind to the future.

Six of Cups: $600


Seven of Cups:

All uncertainty is possibility, all options the herald of potential routes and avenues - choose wisely - ultimately it is your decision.

Reversed: Failure of decision making processes, lack of foresight and consideration resulting in stunted options, doors closed.

Seven of Cups: $600


Eight of Cups:

Movement is energy - move forward and upward - away from the past and it's energy sucking inertia. Use your heart, your intuition, your thought.

Reversed: Shrugging of shoulders, denial of responsibility, failure to process problems we are the owners of - castles in the sky and feet in concrete.

Eight of Cups: $600


Nine of Cups:

People are like liquid gold, multiple streams in multiple places, all leading one to another to another as you socialise, network, improve existing bonds and make new ones apparently with polished ease and success.

Reversed: Spinning wheels trying to do all but achieving nothing except confused frustration.

Nine of Cups: $600


Ten of Cups:

Bliss: love, family, partner, friends, all functioning in harmony and you afloat on this sea of people. Perhaps we actually can have it all?

Reversed: Isolation from all those who were attached to you previously, loss of communication.

Ten of Cups: $600


Page of Cups:

Delicate soul, being neither strongly male or female, or robust - a person of thought and emotion and perception.

Reversed: A highly imperfect person hoisted on a spectacle of their own complexities.

Page of Cups: $600



Knight of Cups:

Stalwart loyal sturdy dependable upright and all round good chap.

Reversed: Unreliable, shifty, treacherous, two faced.

Knight of Cups: $600


Queen of Cups:

Brimming with everything good, wonderful qualities the Queen is a boon to know, and is famously supportive and enabling.

Reversed: A black hole of self orientated demanding vanity and egoism.

Queen of Cups: $600



King of Cups:

A balanced and firm hand at the tiller, calm and perceptive, masculine and strong yet cultured and thoughtful.

Reversed: A brittle and tense person, with a temper out of proportion and a lack of any application.

King of Cups: $600